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"I design easy to learn but challenging games of many types and themes, for all kinds of people, that are interesting, accessible, and engaging right-out-of-the-box to have a great time and make friends for life.”  -Cory Muddiman-

Bringing People Together

MuddPuddle designs focus on games that incorporate simple, familiar and intuitive mechanics paired with unique and interesting themes not seen in many other games.  These characteristics encourage families and friends to spend the often limited time they share in novel, memorable, and stress-reducing ways. 

Promoting Play

MuddPuddle games use familiar components such as cards, tokens,  dice, or even the game board itself in new or clever ways.  These nuances make learning to play more fun and comfortable for those who might be new to the hobby while still engaging and challenging experienced players with twists on similar designs. 

Titles in Development


A fast-paced, 10min, kid-friendly game of card-slapping and sumo-sized shoving for 2-4 players of all ages.

Collect piles of Chanko-nabe to feed your sumo by SLAPPING! when its time to eat.  Put all of that food right in your special SUMO SLIDER, then come to the center to shove and smash the other sumos back into their stables to win!

Dirtbike Daredevil

Draft the most popular and daring dirtbike tricks between players before building the Arena with Speed, Distance and Crowd Anticipation! 

Take the Hole Shot and Launch the Trick before opponents take the spotlight and come out as the favorite! 

A light strategic drafting card and dexterity game for 1-3 players of all ages, 10-15mins.

Log Drivers

Brave the quickening and swelling river to guide your logs into the sawmill.  Move your Log Driver across the float and Hook different size logs into and out of openings. Mark them in anticipation of Closing Up so the sawmill can pay you.  Stay aware of the Crosswind, use Dynamite to break logs into shorter sections and open Jams, but be careful creating Debris!

A 30-45min moving puzzle board game for 2-4 players 

Guiding Light

The storm blew in quicker than anticipated. Half of the crew including the captain is dead and the ship is taking on water. If you don't get to a harbor soon you will sink. 

Is that...IT IS! THE LIGHTHOUSE! Now maybe there's a slim chance you can avoid the hidden Rocks or Sandbars, hoping for Conditions to stabilize...  Is that another boat? The Harbormaster! He can help guide us to salvation too!  Maybe...

A suspenseful, limited communication, hidden movement cooperative survival game for 3 players. 

Flipper Upper

Pick a "professional" and use your Starter House and Line of Credit to start buying Foreclosed and Condemned properties to Flip! them for Profit.  

Purchase Materials at the local home improvement warehouse and hire Contractors to Renovate problems and increase Market Value. 


Pick a Target Neighborhood and...Flip that House - right onto the board. Try to Corner the market!

A 45-60 minute light resource management, bidding game with a thematic dexterity twist for 2-4 players that always results in some fun "flips" of who's "winning".

What's in the Box?

3 players

21 items

1 bag

1 box

4 or 5 Lies

4 or 5 Truths

Which are they?

Who are you?

A social deduction experience.


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