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"I design easy to learn but challenging games of many types and themes, for all kinds of people, that are interesting, accessible, and engaging right-out-of-the-box to have a great time and make friends for life.”  -Cory Muddiman-

Bringing People Together

MuddPuddle designs focus on games that incorporate simple, familiar and intuitive mechanics paired with unique and interesting themes not seen in many other games.  These characteristics encourage families and friends to spend the often limited time they share in novel, memorable, and stress-reducing ways. 

Promoting Play

MuddPuddle games use familiar components such as cards, tokens,  dice, or even the game board itself in new or clever ways.  These nuances make learning to play more fun and comfortable for those who might be new to the hobby while still engaging and challenging experienced players with twists on similar designs. 

Titles in Market Development


Netrollers in open play at Boston FIG 2018

A hidden-role dice-manipulation game with a cyberpunk theme for 3-5 players in 30 mins in which players are influencing the results of "runs" performed by hackers (represented by dice) while trying to decipher opponents' color affiliation through their actions nd responses to the changing game state.

Netrollers uses a twist on resource generation coupled with victory points: the D3 and D6 dice rolled out of a communal bag every round provide more "intel" based on your color (no matter what player put them in the bag...) equal to  their face value at the end of the round after players manipulate them.

At the end of game reveal, for each opponent color you deciphered correctly you steal VP directly from them.  

Manage how much of your resource you expend on manipulation carefully and pay attention how the other players are predicting and then altering dice to get the edge and win.

[scheduled to show at PAX Unplugged; Looking for publisher]

Zannkanters: Merchants of the Mills

Pre-game setup of beta version during development for 4 players

"Zaankanters" is a worker placement, engine building open market trading game for 2-5 players in 60 mins.  

Set thematically in the Zaanstreek region of the Netherlands in the 1700s, Players assume the roles of Windmill farmers who are building up resources in whatever combination they think will be most profitable as well as offer them the most options to complete achievements and ultimately gain the most Acclaim.

Players gain staple and special "goods" by building windmills (with windmill meeples) on their personal farm mat. At the end of each simultaneous turn a specially designed "SpinMill" spinner is used to gain those "goods" and upgrade existing mills, build other special buildings to augment your farm, trade/sell on Merchant row, trade/sell on the Docks, or collect special merchant and trade contract cards that directly score Acclaim at the end.

Besides the main custom spinner, the game uses matched spinners for other randomization functions as well as the Seasonal round/Monthly turn tracker.

Decks of round cards are otherwise used.


Zaankanters is a step above a light cross-over strategy game and a step below truly brain crunching market and economic euro style strategy games.  Give it a whirl!

[scheduled to show at PAX Unplugged; Looking for publisher]


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